Out of 70 clubs in the district, District Governor Emilio Capalla, Jr. had already visited 48 clubs. So far, the visit in Tagbilaran City was the most memorable one with all the four clubs in Tagbilaran, Bohol met the Governor and his party. His party included PDG Rene Mabilog and PDG ricky Castro. Vice District Governor Nonoy Chiongbian and Council Chairman of Cebu Dodong Jusayan were also there to grace the joint induction of the four Tagbilaran and bohol clubs led by PDG Jun Dejaresco and Zone Chairman Rene Relampagos.


On September 4, the Governor visited the Cebu Silangan Lions Club and exalted President Tony Li for a job well done, particularly his "Palabas" project together with PDG B. Yapjoco and his Lady Lion held at the Waterfront Hotel. The Governor wishes to congratulate Lion Lorenzo Quezon of the Cebu Silangan Lions Club as recipient of the 35 member Key Award.

The Governor's date with the Cebu Host Lions Club fell on the 9th of September and was held at the Waterfront Hotel.

On September 12, a meeting with the Roxas City Lions Club was held at Marc's Beach Resort. Also present were Region Chairman Romulo Capunong, Zone Chairman Hernan Yu and President Jess Contreras.

September 19 witnessed the meeting of the Governor with Mt. Kanla-on Lions Club of Bacolod City. The club's president is Lion Andres Benedicto and the meeting was held at the Bacolod Garden Hotel.

Another date with a Bacolod club was on September 20, with the Bacolod Sampaguita Lions Club. The Governor congratulated Lady President Lion Ging Perez and Past Presidents Lydia Tison and Inday Pefianco for a job well done. The meeting was held at the Convention Plaza Hotel.

On September 26, the Governor met with the Mt. Kanlandog Lions Club of Bacolod, led by Lady President Lion Tita Lemoncito. Also present were District Chairman Pompeyo Querubin as Group Head. The meeting was held at the L'Fisher Hotel.


October 3 witnessed the date with the Governor and the Bacolod Capitol Lions Club at the L'Fisher Hotel. Congratulations were given to Lion President and Region Chairman Pons Manayon. Their twin club, Cebu Capitol Lions Club was also in attendance led by their President Lion Dick Butawan and Area Deputy Governor Jose Dizon.

On the 6th, the Governor met with the Cebu Magellan Lions Club led by Lion President Angel Blamero at the Cebu Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

On the 9th, a joint induction of the Iloilo Allied Lions Club of Rey Presiderio and the Iloilo Emerald Lions Club of Lady Lion President Jo Yacon. Also inducted were the Iloilo Executive Lions Club headed by Lion President Atty. Tony Naped, and Iloilo Lambunao led by Lady President Lion Cora Librodo. The twinning with the Guam Lions Club also took place.

On October 11, another joint induction was held in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, led by PDG Dejaresco and Zone Chairman Rene Relampagos. The clubs in attendance were Tagbilaran City Lions, Tagbilaran Mt. Basat-I, Tagbilaran Dagohoy and Bohol Island Lions Club. A zone chairman meeting was held at the Metro Centro Hotel.

The Governor expressed his congratulations to Zone Chairman Rene Relampagos of Bohol Island Lions Club who was recently elected as Chairman of the Regional Development Council of the whole of regions 7 and 8. Lion Rene happsn to be the present Provincial Governor of Bohol Province.

On October 17, the Governor met with the Cebu Bayanihan Lions Club led by President Lion Sonny Li.

On October 26, the Cebu Magino-o Lions Club met with the Governor.




Twin Clubs

The District Governor expressed his congratulations and pride with several clubs in Cebu, Iloilo and Bacolod who successfully maintained their good relationship with their twin clubs.

The Lions Clubs of Cebu Downtown, Cebu First United, Cebu Capitol, Cebu Royal, Cebu Bayanihan and Cebu Diamond have successful twinning relationships with the different Lions Clubs in Taiwan. The Cebu Metropolitan Lions Club successfully twinned with the Japan Lions Club.

In Iloilo, the Iloilo Integrated Lions Club twinned with the Korea Lions Club. The same case with the Iloilo Allied, Iloilo Emerald, Iloilo Executive, Iloilo Cosmopolitan and Iloilo Lambunao who have twinned with several Lions Clubs in Guam. The Iloilo Professional Lions Club is also successful in its twin club, the Japan Lions Club.

The Bacolod Capitol Lions Club twinned with the Mikawa Lions Club of Japan, while the Sagay Kalingahan with Toyota Lions Club and Bacolod City Host with the Kao Shiung Lions Club of Taiwan.


The District Governor would like to thank all those clubs who have paid their district and international dues. Out of 70 clubs in the district, only 25 clubs has yet to pay their district dues.

The District Governor would like to remind all clubs who have paid their international dues to furnish the district office a photocopy of their payment so that the same could easily monitor their progress.

For those who have yet to pay their international dues which is $18 per member/year or $9 per member/semester, please course your international dues through bank transfer or bank draft. For wire transfer, payment shall be made to:

Chicago, Illinois. U.S. A.
Telex Number 4330253
For further credit to account 50-83109 of the International Association of Lions Clubs

Membership Recruitment

With regards to membership recruitment, as part of the campaign of the International Lions Club Headquarters, it is advised to take note of the following:
1. Inactive lions could be reinstated by paying $20 in order to become an active member again.

2. Memorandum with Lions and Jaycees which the latter's recruit year of service will be credit to the lion's length of service.


Please take note of the following date of international conventions:

June 28-July 2, 1999 - San Diego, California, U.S.A.
June 19-23, 2000 - Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.
July 2-6, 2001 - Indianapolis, U.S.A.
July 8-12, 2002 - Osaka, Japan